Become a better version of yourself

When your employees are sick, you lose money to healthcare and poor productivity. Long term problems can add up to ridiculous amounts of lost productivity, creativity, and can even lead to losing talent – especially if the problems are about indoor air, ventilation, sound reduction and poor acoustics that make it hard to focus on work. Poor ventilation causes fatigue and headaches and creates the perfect environment for viruses and bacteria to spread. This has to stop and VetroSpace is here to help.

Benefits for the end user

  • Good vibration mode
  • Prevents headaches
  • To reduce the spread of sick epidemics at the workplace
  • Allows long-term meetings
  • Reduces illness both short and long

Fresh air leads to fresh thoughts

Have you noticed how your thinking begins to slow down and lose its edge when you keep on working for long periods of time? And have you noticed how you get new ideas almost immediately once you take a break and go outside to breathe fresh air? Low quality indoor air makes you tired and inefficient and the noises in open plan offices distract you. That is something we wanted to change when we started to design our spaces - sound insulation to improve your focus and fresh clean air to boost your efficiency. Vetrospace allows you to become a better version of yourself.

Let there be light

Vetrospace pods are equipped with powerful and innovative antimicrobial lights. Say goodbye to harmful microorganisms, high levels of sick leave, and expensive healthcare costs.
Both of our VLD lights have been laboratory tested for
safety by authorities. Ask for more detailed
information and test reports.

VLD White

VLD White is a flicker-free and energizing pure white light with antimicrobial properties. Perfect light for safe working.

VLD Blue

VLD Blue is a powerful disinfection light that efficiently destroys microbes. Even the light is blue, it's not UV light, and therefore harmless for humans and materials.
People spend 80-90% of time indoors
In a lifetime, the average person will spend at least 90,000 hours working
Employers who do not take care of their most important resources may find that they will no longer stay in business as the future of work unfolds.

Want to hear more?

Let the Wind blow

Clean air helps to prevent fatigue and provides relief from headaches. Our smart Clean-Air system filters 99.9 % of impurities and harmful particles from the air, including mold spores, construction dust, pollen, etc. This guarantee of high indoor air quality sets us apart from our competitors.

The smart Clean-Air system reacts to carbon dioxide levels inside the space and moderates the power of ventilation automatically. The ventilation system in Vetrospace pods exceeds the requirements of EAN 16798-1 and ISO 17772-1 from 67 to 300% in each size class.

Harmful particles in 1000 litres of air

Our smart Clean-Air system means Vetrospace products belong to ISO-7 cleanroom classification.