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A human-centric, soundproof pod
for every space

Imagine a quiet and comfortable room within a room – a place with excellent air quality where you can stay all day, taking your focus and creativity to another level. Our versatile, hygienic, and soundproof meeting spaces are perfect for any segment.

Office and public spaces

Are you having a hard time concentrating in an open-plan office? A pod could be the answer.

Our brains function better in a calm environment. A VETROSPACE space blocks noise and uses blue-enriched lighting to create a calm, creative, private space for working where you can focus on getting things done. Our spaces are suitable for meetings, brainstorming sessions, one-on-one conversations, conference calls and workstations.

Healthcare facilities

Our modular and relocatable pods meet the healthcare industry’s strict safety and cleanliness requirements and provide superb soundproofing to ensure patient privacy is safeguarded. Our photon disinfection lighting and photocatalytic nanocoating together eliminate 99.9% of harmful viruses, bacteria, and particles from the air and surfaces.

Our spaces can be used as medical offices, consultation rooms, doctor’s practices, patient surveillance areas, hospital wards, break areas, reception halls or administration areas.


Looking for a studio? We offer professional-level broadcasting pods for all kinds of media applications. They can be used as a private streaming studio or shared between multiple users. We also offer integration of third-party technology and devices.

Soundproofed pods for media production

The majority of our pod sizes can be used for media production purposes and they come equipped with prefabricated cable channels and air conditioning. We have partnered with Pipeline Media to offer you cost-effective, yet professional freestanding media production spaces, VIRTUALSPACE, STREAMSPACE and MEDIASPACE, that can be used independently without heavy traditional technology construction and multi-person control and operation.

Customer service point

If you need a private and safe space for busy customer-service points, look no further. Our hygienic, soundproof spaces have two entrances and come with an automatic disinfection system that removes harmful bacteria and other impurities.