Success stories

We know that our spaces work like a charm in all kinds of working environments. But you don’t have to rely on our word only – here are some kind words from our happy clients.

Bisley North America

Vetrospace pods were delivered to Bisley’s Manhattan showroom towards the end of 2019.
Bisley, a Vetrospace distribution partner, wanted to experience the functionality and performance of the pods for themselves. The whole team has been putting the pods to good use and are delighted with what they’ve experienced. The Groupspace XL has been used as a meeting room and perfectly fits the flexible office space layout. Although it’s placed in a prominent location, it keeps even the most confidential conversations safe within. All of the pods were designed to blend in with the color scheme of the surrounding office environment and fit perfectly with existing furniture fittings already in place.

Clients that have visited Bisley’s showroom have been amazed once they too have experienced the new standard of safe, private meeting spaces. ”Unbelievable level of sound insulation and fresh air”.

Cœur d’Orly – France

Vetrospace was entrusted by Askia to provide solutions for their restructuring project at their Paris HQ.

The purpose of the project was to gather all staff to one location in order to improve the coordination and efficiency of work and interaction between support and management teams.

Charles Richer from Grand Orly Seine Bièvre explains why he chose Vetrospace, ’We chose Vetrospace due to the high quality of their range of products that were offered at a very competitive price. The quality of the materials used to build the Vetrospace units are the best in that market segment which is essential for us in terms of acoustic insulation. Moreover, the professionalism of all the Vetrospace personnel made us feel understood and safe.’

After several weeks the team at Aktia are very happy with their new working spaces. They feel that for their team, their selection of GroupSpace M units are the best as they allow for small workshops and spontaneous meetings.

’The Vetrospace team has been very professional, and the delivery and installation were very easy and smooth and executed on time,’ says Charles.

Our unique clean-room units are improving efficiency and well being in Paris. If you would like to experience the Vetrospace effect, give us a call. We’re here to help.

INEX Partners, logistics center

Inex Partners (owned by Finnish retailing cooperative organisation SOK) acquired two Vetrocube L-premium spaces to offer comfortable and quiet offices amidst busy and noisy surroundings in their gigantic logistics center. Two Vetrocubes are located in the reception of goods area, in-between logistics staff and truck drivers delivering the goods. The greatest benefit for Inex Partners logistic center is that Vetrocubes offer quiet and calm surroundings for staff and drivers to check things out about the cargo and finish paperwork together. Inex Partners’ representative states in stoic Finnish style, that they are pleased with their acquisition.

Wonderland, coworking space

Wonderland work-eat-drink is a new coworking space built completely around creative ways of working. They acquired two Vetrospace PhoneSpaces that fit perfectly into Wonderland’s flexible premises – design, materials and size are in harmony with Wonderland’s desired atmosphere and functionality. The main indicator of Wonderland’s user’s positive experience is that people love to work even a bit too much in them – there are often queues forming when people are waiting for their turn in these comfortable, refreshing and noise free booths. It is highly probable that Wonderland will order a few more booths in the near future to meet the demands of their customers.

Municipality of Sipoo

The Municipality of Sipoo wanted to renew its facilities to improve work efficiency and to add comfort. Modular spaces for various functions were the guide lines for the process – to make the most out of existing facilities and to respect the history and nature of the old office building. The quality of indoor air was also one of the most important factors of the renewal process. VetroSpace delivered both – the modular and highly functional spaces with solutions for clean and fresh air. One larger meeting space of 30 square meters, three medium sized of 12 – 15 square meters each, and several smaller phone booths were provided to the customer.

“This was a Clean Air -delivery, which guarantees top quality indoor air in all working perimeters.” says Jouko Urpolahti, CEO of VetroSpace. In the Clean Air -space, there are special antibacterial lights that destroy harmful bacteria while the air ventilation filters 95% of impurities in air. “We are pioneers in clean air -solutions and our Clean-Space Air – solution is patent pending at the moment and we’ve already had similar orders from France, Belgium and Austria.

Employees of Sipoo tested the VetroSpace products in advance and made sure that they are exactly what they needed. The staff gave top grades for the products and although some opinions about decisions of the renewal might divide some of the staff – it seems like better indoor air has made everyone happy and content. “The change in all-round activity, work atmosphere and amount of spontaneous meetings are visible and definitely a positive upgrade to previous facilities” says Lari Sirén, urban sector development manager of Sipoo.


The HUS (Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa) maternity hospital situated in Espoo, has placed an order for specialized antimicrobial pods, three for procedures and one to be used as an office. The purpose of this project was to provide isolation spaces to ensure the safety of those giving birth.

There were over 4000 births at Espoo maternity hospital in 2019, at a time when there were no specialized isolation spaces.
For hospital staff, the criteria behind their selection included rapid assistance with limited ward and treatment facility capacities, safety and ease of use, and, of course, increased patient safety.

M.D. Leena Rahkonen of Helsinki University Hospital tells how they have received positive feedback from patients and praise for the functionality of the spaces. Patient feedback includes: ‘’Effective ventilation, with the right level of privacy and sound reduction’’, ‘’A comfortable, peaceful space and all round functional package.’’

Tellus Innovation Arena, University of Oulu

University of Oulu acquired 5 Vetrocube M-premium spaces for their Tellus Innovation Arena. Representative of the university told that their users are using the full potential of Vetrospaces to the maximum. The cubes are fully booked from morning to evening, every day. They are in favor of students, staff and business representatives visiting the university. The most praise comes from their dexterous size and qualities that make working comfortable – no matter if you use the spaces alone or in group. Modern universities are much more than classrooms and offices and Vetrospace fits in to this picture perfectly, making common space of Tellus Innovation Arena agile and flexible.