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VETROSPACE XXL | Perfect for 10

Our largest pod comfortably fits up to 10 people, making it ideal for meetings and encounters or for when you need plenty of space to spread out and focus on a creative task. This flexible and highly modular soundproof booth is built to last. Design and furnish it according to your needs from a variety of options. 

1-10 people

W410 / D310 /H240 cm

W161.4 / D122 / H94.5 in

  • Best in class soundproofing
  • Automated, smart CO2-controlled ventilation allowing continuous use
  • Plug and play, ready for use straight after installation
  • ISO 7 class indoor air quality (IAQ) performance
  • Antimicrobial LED lighting 
  • Patented, dual-panel sliding door
  • Easy access for people with mobility limitations
  • Long lifecycle thanks to professional build quality and industrial-grade components

Exterior dimensions

W410 / D310 /H240 cm

W161.4 / D122 / H94.5 in

Exterior material


Interior dimensions

W400 / D300 /H220 cm
W157.5 / D118.1 / H86.6 in

Interior material

Acoustic ECOfelt lining


1950 kg | 4300 lbs

Installation height requirement

250 cm | >98.5 in

Indoor surface area

12 m² | 129.1 ft²

Fire safety

UL 723: Class A-C (surface)
ASTM E648: Class 1 (flooring)

Electrical safety

IEC 60335-1:2020
UL 962 (E514776)

Seismic safety

Special SEISMIC Certification (2019-0176-COC-01-00)
International Building Code (IBC) 2018 (23.02.2021)
California Building Code (CBC) 2019 (23.02.2021)


Patented sliding door

Glass thickness

16.7 mm | 0.66 in
sound-control safety glass

Sound Reduction

STI: 0.03 – Ds: 31.3dB (Can. 43-46dB Rw, Lab.) (ISO 23351-1)

Ventilation technology

Advanced two-stage air filtering-coarse and HEPA

Air flow

max 180 l/s


Positive air-pressure


VLD antimicrobial LED lighting

Power supply

110-240 VAC / 16 A / 50-60 Hz


150W average, 800W maximum

Power sockets

4 as default


RAL 9004 Black
RAL 9016 White
RAL 5004 Blue
RAL 7006 Beige grey
RAL design 0809010 Beige

Frame Extras *

Dark Brown
Antique Rose
Olive Green


Black laminate
White laminate
Indigo Blue
Vinenza Oak
Carat Beige
Truffle brown denver oak

Surface Extras *

Brown Abano Ash
Olive Green
Antique Rose

* Special color for extra cost

Acoustic ECOfelt wool

Ghost white 955
Light gray 953
Dark gray 923
Beige 952
Caramel 332E
Custom *


Light beige 64010
Beige 64020
Light grey 64041
Dark grey 64051

Floor Extras *

Dark beige 64031
Middle gray 64044
Gray blue 64061

* Special colors for extra cost

  • Built-in air condition unit (cooling / heating)
  • Automatic fire extinguisher system
  • Electromagnetic locking system
  • Electrically controlled privacy glasses
  • Privacy stickers 
  • AV-ready kits (USB, HDMI)
  • Integrated charging ports (USB)
  • Data kit (RJ45)
  • Seismic certified structure
  • Additional sliding door
  • Wheelchair ramp
  • Custom interior and exterior

The warranty period starts from the date of deli­very and is valid for 2 years for electrical components and 5 years for structure.

US PATENT: 11.492.815 B2
International patents (FI, US, EP, CH, HK, RU)


Top five reasons for choosing a VETROSPACE

Imagine a quiet and comfortable room within a room – a place with excellent air quality where you can stay all day, taking your focus and creativity to another level. A well-designed pod can transform your working environment for the better.

  • Increased productivity with no interruptions
  • Greater floor-plan flexibility with easily relocatable spaces
  • More flexibility to building design with reusable spaces
  • Greater privacy thanks to our exceptional soundproofing and smart privacy glass
  • Improved well-being, fewer employee sick days, and happier customers thanks to superb air quality and efficient ventilation

A spacious booth for
every space

This versatile, hygienic and soundproof meeting booth is perfect for offices and public spaces, industrial environments, customer-service points and healthcare facilities. It can also be used as a broadcasting or streaming studio.

We’re here to help

VETROSPACE-icon-meeting room solutions
Creating your pod

Find, plan and design the right solution for your needs.

Planning and installation

Get the guidance you need to plan your meeting pod and benefit from quick installation.


Get support throughout your pod’s lifecycle, from design to maintenance.