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Wonderland, coworking space

Phonebooth at Wonderland office

Wonderland work-eat-drink is a new coworking space built completely around creative ways of working. They acquired two Vetrospace PhoneSpaces that fit perfectly into Wonderland’s flexible premises – design, materials and size are in harmony with Wonderland’s desired atmosphere and functionality. The main indicator of Wonderland’s user’s positive experience is that people love to work even a bit too much in them – there are often queues forming when people are waiting for their turn in these comfortable, refreshing and noise free booths. It is highly probable that Wonderland will order a few more booths in the near future to meet the demands of their customers.

Vetrospace PhoneSpaces at Wonderland coworking space
Phonebooth at Wonderland office
Wonderlands new soundproof meeting pods from Vetrospace