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Makeshift hospital

Hospitals can now be built anywhere within days, not months. Using Vetrohealth’s antimicrobial and antiviral pods that are versatile, soundproof and modular, you can build one like a puzzle.

Choose your pods from our broad range of options and we ship it out and set it up for you. No matter how demanding your surroundings are, Vetrohealth pods provide superior levels of cleanliness and indoor air quality. Some examples of sites that can be used for makeshift hospitals are: warehouses, gymnasiums,stadiums, shopping malls, etc.

Our positive-pressurization pods include both coarse and HEPA 13 filtration, built-in photon disinfection lighting, and photocatalytic coating. Automatic and continuous disinfection destroys bacteria and viruses to make sure that your staff can work and patients can be treated in the safest possible environment, even when compared to traditional, permanent hospitals.

Each pod is specifically designed for health care facilities, allowing easy access to equipment and facilities required for the patient, such as gas and water supply and electrical medical equipment. The pods can be customized to your needs with additional give-through hatches for laboratory samples or integrated crash carts and defibrillators for ER use. Use Vetrohealth pods for reception areas, consultation and testing rooms, treatment rooms, recovery wards and quarantine wards.