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Professional broadcasting and streaming made easy and cost-effective with new spaces from Vetrospace

We have partnered with Pipeline Media to offer you cost-effective, yet professional freestanding media production spaces that can be used independently without heavy traditional technology construction and multi-person control and operation.

We have created a solution that meets your current needs to produce high-quality content not only cost effectively but also in safe and healthy environment. We are launching two solutions: VIRTUALSPACE, a solo-driven virtual studio for corporate communication and broadcast purposes and STREAMSPACE, a self-controlled studio for streaming or for video conferencing with moving content on the background. Both combine perfectly Vetrospace’s productive, private, and safe spaces with a premium broadcast technology. The Vetrospace space quality ensures that you can work even long periods of time in fresh indoor air.

The solutions offer HD quality video and top sound quality, studio lighting, recording capabilities and live streaming capabilities. The operation interface is intuitive and easy-to-use. The control of the production space monitors is also on the touchscreen and the performer can use the front display of the production space, for example as a teleprompter to support the performance. The technical solution of the new spaces takes into account today’s requirements in terms of information security, and the production space is fully suitable for small companies as well as for the needs of corporations and public sector. The user can choose to bring their own laptop and content and connect to the system securely on video and audio level.

VirtualSpace is the world’s first single-user virtual studio. VirtualSpace technology is based on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine and Zero Density virtual platform, which is widely used in television and film production today. The same technology is used in VirtualSpace and VR control has been introduced as a user-friendly part of the VirtualSpace interface.

When thinking about how to use a virtual studio, only your imagination is the limit. The virtual studio can be used to create high-quality corporate communications and, for example, product launches where even large products can be modelled virtually for presentation in the studio.

The user can be placed in a virtual studio to present or train very abstract things that would be difficult to present by traditional means. An example of this could be medical training in which 3D modeling can be used to rotate and present very detailed things that would be difficult to show in real life.

Both VirtualSpace and StreamSpace production spaces are designed to be remote controlled from the start. If desired, the customer can connect to multiple production spaces and control all functions from a single location over a public network. In addition, remote control includes a two-way intercom connection by which the central operator can communicate with individual media production spaces. This allows you to use multiple media production spaces from different countries or cities, for example, with a single operator.

Media production spaces are fully compatible with all teleconferencing applications, so they can also be used as part of Teams, Meet or Zoom meetings.

Come to experience our new spaces at NAB Show, the world’s leading marketplace for unbridled innovation, unmatched connections and transformative technologies shaping the future of media and entertainment.• What: Experience our new, freestanding VIRTUALSPACE and STREAMSPACE studio solutions for cost-efficient, yet professional media production
• Where: Booth # C5319 at NAB Show in Las Vegas Conversional Center, US
• When: April 23 – 27, 2022

See you there!