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Will the world ever be the same again?

Over the past few months, the world has been molded by the Coronavirus pandemic in ways we haven’t seen in decades.

Meetings between people have virtually stopped, and many are eagerly searching for solutions so that safe meetings can take place again. We at Vetrospace took on the challenge and developed the world’s safest soundproof meeting rooms where people can once again meet up with colleagues and serve clients.  

One space, two ecosystems

We divided GROUPSPACE pods into two, sealed separate compartments, separated by a glass wall. Each side is equipped with HEPA 13 air filtration. The glass wall can be fitted with an access hatch with an air vacuum channel placed on both sides. Airflow vectors are then directed through the outlet channel, and don’t pass from one side to the other.


Dual compartment meeting spaces are an excellent solution for when personal and confidential matters need to be discussed. Examples include banks, pharmacies, insurance companies, offices and car dealerships etc.

One-person service pods

For briefer interactions, we developed the one-person service pod that is equipped with HEPA 13 air ventilation. Because of the positive air pressure level, an open access hatch can be used. The smallest one-person service pod measures 1.1 x 1.1 meters.

Meeting spaces for larger groups

For larger groups, we have developed the safe 4 – 8-person meeting space. The pod is equipped with four access points, and the furniture is fitted with an air extraction channel at each station. A glass shield protects against the spread of respiratory droplets. Ventilation is equipped with HEPA 13 filtration.

Continuous cleaning through photon disinfection

All of our spaces combine photon disinfection with photocatalytic nano-coating, meaning completely automated and continuous cleaning. Viruses and bacteria are destroyed within the space without effort. The process is safe, as the photon disinfection light is non-ionizing and has been tested by the Nuclear Safety Authority of Finland (STUK2017). The patented Vetrospace active disinfection solution is overwhelmingly superior to solutions such as antimicrobial surfaces and materials.