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Virtual Patent Marking

Vetrospace is a company that offers a range of soundproof and hygienic pods designed for various applications. The solutions developed by Vetrospace are utilized in products that are sold both by the company itself and its commercial partners on a global scale.

This page serves as a notification in accordance with 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).


  • Vetrospace S 
  • Vetrospace S+
  • Vetrospace M
  • Vetrospace M+
  • Vetrospace L
  • Vetrospace L+
  • Vetrospace XL
  • Vetrospace XXL
  • Vetrospace Custom

The products listed under “products” are subject to the following patents:

  • US11492815B2
  • CN111315946B
  • ES2923600T3
  • FI128039B

Additionally, there are pending patents that apply to the products listed under “products”.

  • RU2767124C1
  • LT3797198T
  • WO2019224422A1
  • CA3099637A1
  • AU2019272986A1
  • DK3797198T3
  • PL3797198T3
  • HUE059516T2