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Probably the world’s most
soundproof private safe clean accessible customizable spaces

Welcome to the great indoors. A VETROSPACE is more than just a meeting pod – it’s a productive, private and safe space for working, meeting and collaborating in open offices, public spaces, health facilities, and more.

VETROSPACE meeting pod

A flexible room
within a room

To answer the growing need for small soundproof booths for individuals and groups we have developed a series of freestanding, sustainable spaces with superb air quality and exceptional soundproofing.

VETROSPACE soundproof meeting pod highlighting key features


Stay productive

High-quality air and blue-enriched lighting gives your productivity and creativity a lift. Our meeting pods feature a fully automated smart ventilation system with CO2 control and built-in air conditioning to help you stay comfortable and focused.

VETROSPACE-productive-soundproof-meeting-pods and meeting rooms-animation

Stay private

Soundproofing is a serious business for us. Our soundproof booths with smart dimmable glass keep your meetings and phone calls private, even in the middle of a public place or open office.

VETROSPACE-private-soundproof-meeting pod and meetingrooms-animation

Stay safe

Our meeting pods come equipped with a ventilation system and antimicrobial that together eliminate 99.9% of harmful viruses, bacteria, and particles.

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A meeting pod for
every space

Our versatile, hygienic and soundproof meeting pods are perfect for offices and public spaces, industrial environments, customer-service points and healthcare facilities. They can also be used as a broadcasting or streaming studio.

Design your
meeting pod

Because our sustainable, high-quality solutions are modular, you can create your ideal space quickly and easily. We can create spaces up to 100m2 or 1076 ft2. 

Something special in mind? Let’s build the soundproof booth you need.

VETROSPACE in open office meeting pod blueprint

We’re here to help

VETROSPACE-icon-meeting room solutions
Creating your pod

Find, plan and design the right solution for your needs.

Planning and installation

Get the guidance you need to plan your meeting pod and benefit from quick installation.


Get support throughout your pod’s lifecycle, from design to maintenance.