Give your ideas
a breath of
fresh air

  • Safely destroys viruses and bacteria
  • High air purifying level (ISO-7)
  • Exceptional sound insulation
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system

In Vetrospace office pod you become a better version of yourself

Vetrospace is not just a phonebooth. It is a modular working space that grants you a peaceful and healthy environment for working. In Vetrospace you will inhale fresh and clean air.

Our spaces

What do you need? A moment of silence for a solo work session or an important call or a rejuvenating atmosphere for your next marathon meeting? Choose your space.

Why Vetrospace

  • The best working conditions for creativity, meetings and important calls

  • Ventilation in our spaces is superb - fresh air makes you work better

  • Stay healthy - the photon disinfection luminaire light kills microbes, viruses and other unhealthy particles.

  • The noises of your office, public space or surrounding environment do not bother you in Vetrospace

  • You can set you preferable temperature - some of us like it hot and some prefer it a bit cooler

  • Make it your own - tell us what kind of a space solution you need?