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VETROSPACE x Docrates cancer center

In 2021, Docrates decided to purchase Vetrospace’s L-size pods for customer use. The patient goes through their treatments and important matters with the nurse in pods that require privacy when dealing with a life-changing issue.
Harri Puurunen, Founder and Development Director of Docrates, said that Vetrospace’s pods ended up being used by them precisely because of these very important features

“Patient privacy is important to us, and Vetrospace’s pods do this excellently,” says Puurunen.

The pods used at Docrates are L-size, which allowed the hospital to build a spacious space with top-notch soundproofing and a vision shield installed on the glasses with stickers to ensure privacy. Antimicrobial LED lights take care of disinfecting the space when the pod is not in use. 

Docrates pods include air conditioning, HEPA filters and a continuous maintenance contract to ensure that the pods are always in the best condition. The CO2 measurement included in the pods ensures that the air quality always remains at the required level.