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Safe customer service facilities for pharmacies

VETROSPACE brings innovative meeting spaces for prescription customers to the pharmacy market. In response to the growing level of risk in customer service work and ever tightening personal information protection levels, the spaces are closed, soundproof and acoustic. Market leading soundproofing levels along with excellent acoustic properties guarantee perfect conditions for customer service

Efficient, HEPA-13 filtered supply and exhaust air effectively cleans the interior of particles and pathogens, and photon disinfection combined with a photocatalytic nanocoating destroys viruses and bacteria on surfaces. Both incoming and outgoing air has its own ventilation and a two-stage air filtration system. The cleaning and disinfection systems operate independently and do not require training or manpower. Read more about our technology here.

Safety glass between the customer and staff guarantees peace of mind for employees and also prevents direct aerosol infections. The safety glass also deescalates threatening situations, ensuring a risk-free working environment for staff. The doors are automatic and operated by staff. Access is always unobstructed.

The spaces are compatible with automated dispensing system with conveyor and side feeds through access doors. With a conveyor model, the space will be equipped with its own sound-insulated dispensing tube.

A wide range of sizes and materials is available. Furniture is standard and comes in a number of different material and model options.

We also provide you with the best treatment facilities on the market.

Vetrospace pods are patented and tested by VTT.

Come and see the next generation of customer meeting and care facilities at our showroom in Littoinen, near Turku, or request a free demonstration at your pharmacy.