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Virus and bacteria free dual access meeting spaces

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic, now if ever is the time to discuss the cleanliness of work spaces and how this affects clients, employees, and the company itself. Vetrospace has been leading the way in modular phone and meeting pod safety since 2017.

Higher than usual exposure to microbes is found to take place where there are higher rates of human turnover. For example, places such as offices, banks, pharmacies, healthcare facilities, and other customer service points.

Vetrospace pods are equipped with continuous and automatic photon disinfection. Photon disinfection destroys microbes in the air and on surfaces, yet is completely safe to humans (STUK 2017). In addition, the light contains qualities similar to daylight, which leads to a rise in alertness levels and a reduction in susceptibility to mistakes, fatigue and headaches. Read more about Photon Disinfection here. Smart, double filtration ventilation ensures plenty of fresh, particle free air for those inside. Market leading sound insulation ensures that even the most confidential meetings remain private within our spaces.

Second door free of charge until the end of May

The GROUPSPACE meeting pod series is a safe, healthy solution designed for customer service meeting points. Separate entrances for both the client and staff guarantee a safe exit in troublesome situations. You can now get a second door without charge until the end of May. This offer is open to distributors and retailers and includes new orders only. All GROUSPACE models can be equipped with two doors.

Benefits of photon disinfection

  1. Ecological – Chemical free
  2. Constant performance – Not susceptible to human error
  3. Automatic – Works continually in the background
  4. Long term usage – >50000 hours ~ 11 years of normal use
  5. Maintenance free – No running costs
  6. Easy to use – No training needed
  7. Non-Ionizing – Does not harm humans or materials (STUK 2017)
  8. Does not promote antimicrobial resistance
  9. Safe – No chemicals or UV light