Want to see how your Vetrospace looks? Use the configurator to find the combination that fits your needs the best!


Welcome to the Vetrospace meeting pod configurator. This is a brief guide on how to use the configurator, so that you can put together the structure you require.

  1. Firstly, choose the product model from the icons below in order to get the right product configurator. The options are meeting spaces (GROUPSPACE S-XXL).
  2. Navigation; rotate with the left mouse button, scroll with the right button, and zoom in and out with the scroll wheel.
  3. Choose the product structure (Structure). If you don’t find your desired structure, contact: sales@vetrospace.com.
  4. Choose product series (Preset) Cube, Air, Clean or Health. The product series will define certain parameters for you that you can only change by selecting another series.
  5. Choose the variable options from standard options (Stock), or from non-standard options (Non-Stock), after which, choose color options (Select Color).
  6. Finally choose Door Handing (Door -> Select type)
  7. When you are ready, click on View Summary. You can use the View Summary page while working on your configuration, to get back, click on the downward pointing arrow.
  8. Fill the required information and send the file to us by clicking Send Configuration.
  9. You can now close the Configurator window.
  10. You will receive an offer usually within one working day

Note that the location of the control panel does not need to be configured. You can place it on any of the walls except the wall with door.