You can find Vetrospace pods in offices, schools, and hospitals etc.
Vetrospace Ltd is a Finnish company with its factory, showroom and head office located in Littoinen, near Turku

Story of VetroSpace

The story of Vetrospace really started to take shape when, in 2017, we took a giant leap as we realized that the role of a modular space is not simply just to provide a peaceful environment for those that use it. We came to the conclusion that these facilities could in fact be tools that quickly pay for themselves, where work becomes more efficient, people can be happier, and company performance can improve. Our patented technology is proven to reduce distractions and illnesses along with related costs, and to increase alertness and help thoughts run more smoothly. In our spaces, everyone can experience what it feels like to be a better version of themselves. We do not compromise when it comes to product development, we only use the best materials and components. By keeping a close eye on technology we try to get the most out of it to make your working day better.